Solve time

Hello Everyone,
I have some problems with the solving speed on my windows computer. The solving procedure is a couple of times slower compared to solving the same solid mechanical problem on my Apple macbook. I cannot imagine this is only due to the hardware setting.
On the windows pc im using:

 ngsolve.solvers.Newton(bfa, solution, inverse="pardiso", dirichletvalues=solution.vec)

On the Macbook I probably did not have to use pardiso but I can’t check it anymore.
Do you have ideas why it is so much slower or tips how to solve the problem faster (e.g. use of another sparse solver)?

Hi NV,

check the number running threads. If you use TaskManager from ngsolve, and pardiso/mkl uses multithreading it may happen that you heavily overload you machine. Here an MKL_NUM_THREADS=1 or similar helps.

if your system matrix is symmetric and positive definite, try the ngsolve-internal solver:



Hi Joachim,
as always you helped a lot, thank you very much. It was just the TaskManager() which has not been used and on Windows only a single thread was running.
Wish you all merry Christmas and a good start into 2022.

Best regards,