Spline geometry update


I am working with the SplineGeometry2d class (in netgen/libsrc/geom2d/geometry2d.hpp) and I am changing its array of geometry points on the fly, i.e. I am getting its NgArray < GeomPoint > geompoints and then I am modifying their coordinates one by one.

Is there an already implemented function allowing to update the spline segments of the class SplineSeg3 (in netgen/libsrc/gprim/spline.hpp) once the geompoints have been moved?

What I would like is to move each geometry point one by one (without full geometry regeneration), and then obtain the new control points and weights of the spline segments that have been changed from this geometry modification.

When moving the geometry points of the SplineGeometry2d class, I did not yet find a way to straightforwardly change the spline segments of the SplineSeg3 class. Could you hint me on how to do that?

Thank you very much,