Suppressing errors from PARDISO

Hello, I am using NGSolve to solve some nonlinear problems and I would like to suppress the output coming from the PARDISO solver whenever errors occur. For instance, I get the following output:

Apply Inverse: PARDISO returned error -4!

when I call the function NewtonMinimization even with the parameter printing=False I suppressed all output to stdout or stderr coming from python following the instructions of this post: here. I am also using the setting ngsglobals.msg_level=0 but it looks like it is not preventing the output above from the solver. I guess the residual output is coming from the C/Fortran library of PARDISO.

Fixed with Merge branch 'pardiso_error_output_level_1' into 'master' · NGSolve/ngsolve@00d4f7e · GitHub

setting message level should now suppress these outputs as well.