Triangulate TopoDS_Shape with Netgen and OpenCascade

Hello Forum!
I have an existing project which successfully uses the OpenCascade 7.5.0 library. But when I tried to use OpenCascade to triangulate different TopoDS_Shape from .STEP files I have figured out that OpenCascade triangulation is not good for solvers algorithms so I have decided to include Netgen 6.2.2204 in my project. I have successfully built netgen library with cmake-gui application using this guide: [color=#c0392b][u][/u][/color]/ but I can’t find any documentation or code example for triangulating TopoDS_Shape using Netgen 6.2.2204. All code examples which I have found were too legacy for the last Netgen version.
I want to summarize, that my goal is to triangulate different types of TopoDS_Shape(face, shell, solid, compsolid) and get a result similar to what I do with Poly_Triangulation using OpenCascade.
All of your help is valuable to me.