tutorial pde files

Two of the pde files in ngsolve-src/pde_tutorial: d3_helmholz.pde and /pde/scattering.pde are segfaulting in my current build (NGSolve-6.2.1706-163-g0ed4994). I think this is a recent regression. Their stack traces are roughly the same. The segfault occurs trying to read the order edge value from oe[] here

/// set edge orders template <typename TA> void SetOrderEdge (const TA & oe) { for (int i = 0; i < N_EDGE; i++) order_edge[i] = oe[i]; } when getting the surface value in the process of building the scene. I’m attaching a gdb stack trace for the helmholz.pde with some context as a pdf file.

Attachment: debugtrace3.pdf

fixed with the coming nightly release
(commit d07f40c27e266ce5059c0e0a3b039aab1f7339f3)