Ubuntu-Update, NGSolve doesn't find files contained in the folder

Dear all,
I am executing

netgen pushing.py

and get

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'functions_1E_w'

and other stuff is also not found
However, the exact folder was running in the past and also includes all the files

I just updated Ubuntu to 20.04, I assume that’s somehow the problem?
All the best

Is ‘functions_1E_w’ one of your python modules?

Maybe you need to add ‘.’ to your PYTHONPATH with:



it is a python file which creates my domain

So I exectued
and reinstalled ngsolve

it doesn’t change. It seems like it can’t find the *.py files lying in the same folder

Sorry for asking those stupid questions, I am more the “copy&paste sudo apt-get install”-guy

Did you do
in the shell that you started netgen?
else you have to add that line in your ~/.bashrc

Hey christopher,
I didn’t before, thanks for the note!
I did now, it works!

Vielen lieben Dank