Windows/Jupyter/Netgen GUI issue

Hi, I noticed something odd when trying to run the Poisson iTutorial in Jupyter on a Windows machine.
The notebook hangs executing the first Python command after importing the netgen.gui. No errors are reported in the jupyter console window. This is using the latest build and Python 3.7.9 (not Anaconda)

If the import netgen.gui line is moved to the end of the notebook, then each cell computes quickly, and the mesh and solution can be displayed in the Netgen GUI – so we have a workaround. Also the webgui works fine.


Dow, did you figure this out?

If I leave

import netgen.gui 

at the beginning of the poisson notebook, then the notebook hangs. If I put the line in its own cell at the end of the notebook, then the kernel crashes, so I cannot display the mesh and solution in the Netgen GUI. Using

from ngsolve.webgui import Draw

works fine. I am using the latest NGSolve and Python 3.10 on macOS.